Marine HVAC & R Services


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Scheduled service calls and

Scheduled service calls and emergencies, Rondeau’s marine HVAC & R technicians are available 24/7.


All ocean going vessels and offshore

Retrofits can be messy and expensive.  Avoid the headache call us,  we specialize in retrofitting marine HVAC & R systems.


Design and Fabrication

Maintaining your HVAC & R system is crucial in marine environments. Rondeau’s will ensure all your equipment is ready for the next leg.


Reliable and affordable packages available.

Maintaining your HVAC & R system is crucial in marine environments. Rondeau’s will ensure all your equipment is ready for the next leg.

Horizon Maritime

Rondeau’s Refrigeration provides maintenance and repair services for Horizon Maritime’s fleet of offshore vessels. 

Horizon Maritime’s fleet service the global offshore industry. Rondeau’s understands downtime is not option. Horizon is a perfect fit for ‘Rely on Rondeau’s maintenance services.

Horizon Maritime Vessel
Asterix Navy ship


Rondeau’s assisted Alscott in repairing the systems water coils. Rondeau’s also completed a 500 day maintenance to the condensers.

The Asterix is a container ship converted in a naval auxiliary supply vessel for use by the Canadian Navy.

Rondeau’s was purchased by Alscott in 2017 to service Alscott’s growing offshore customer base.

Coriolis 2

Coriolis 2 is part of the Reformar fleet of vessels. She’s a floating laboratory equipped with research facilities. The laboratories occupy more than 55 square meters and house multidisciplinary research teams of up to 14 people, in addition to the ship’s crew.

Rondeau’s replaced two compressors for their refrigeration equipment.

Rondeau's Refrigeration Marine Maintenance client

Canadian Coast Guard Marine HVAC-R

Canadian Coast Guard

Rondeau’s Refrigeraiton provides emergency repair services for Canadian Coast Guard Vessels. Rondeau’s HVAC-R technicians are on call 24/7 for all clients.

Secunda Marine

Secunda Marine is a leader of support services in platform supply, anchor handling, standby rescue and towage. Secunda’s primary area of operation is Eastern Canada.

Rondeau’s provides marine HVAC-R maintenance and repair services to Secunda’s offshore supply vessels.

Secunda vessel
Atlantic Towing tug boat Halifax harbour

Atlantic Towing

Rondeau’s Refrigeration handles the replacement and maintenance of the A/C units in the wheel houses of the entire fleet of tug boats. The units are often a split system design using a multitude of heat pump brands.

Atlantic Towing relies on Rondeau’s maintenance program to ensure efficiency of  A/C systems across its fleet.